Running Git Extensions on Ubuntu

October 8th 2013 by Samuel Rossille

Finally a decent git client gui on linux!

[Attention taunt!] If you haven't tried GitExtension on windows, you don't know what a decent git GUI is. But if you try, you will also need it on linux.

This one was a bit tricky, so I think I have to share this. GitExtensions is in my opinion the best git GUI out there. The problems I encountered is that there is no packaging for linux and the documentation is scattered and has a very low quality. I have no ambition to replace a complete documentation on the level of support of linux and the precise dependencies. Here is just the list of the steps that worked for me.

My Configuration

My Configuration is Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) with the Gnome 3.8 Shell. However this could be a good starting point on other debian based distributions.


Step 0: Don't even think about getting this work with wine

Step 1: Install mono-complete.

First trap: the runtime should be enough, but you would encounter strange runtime errors. I didn't take the time to understand, and just installed all of mono.

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Step 2: Download GitExtensions 2.4.4 from sourceforge. Second trap: the official build of 2.4.6 version (the current version as I write this post) doesn't work on mono. It fails to open a repository with the following error:

System.MissingMethodException: Method not found:

But the version 2.4.4 is fine. Step 3: Extract the archive where it pleases you. It's ready to use.

mono GitExtensions.exe


Giao Nguyen: Thanks for "Running Git Extensions on Ubuntu". You gave clear instructions