Merge PDF Online

August 21st 2013 by Samuel Rossille

I always struggle when I have basic things to do with a PDF document, and I think something needed to be done. There is no reason to have to pay or to spend more that seconds just to merge two PDF documents, or to flip a PDF document that was put in the scanner in the wrong direction.

This might not be a professional tool yet but it does the job and it's easy to use.

The approach

It's meant to be intuive: like on a real desk with stacks of papers, you can move the stacks (drag & drop interface), sort them, split them, merge them, etc... The stacks are the PDF documents themselves, each page is a sheet of the stack. The process is very slick: You drag files to the website, you arrange them like you want, and you download the merged PDF


What it does

With, you can:

About your privacy

The documents you uploaded are destroyed as soon as your session is closed or you reload the page. Nobody except you will ever see the document that were uploaded.

Last word

I've put all my developer's soul into this tool, so please give it a chance and share if you find it useful