Alouka Mockup Tool

August 20th 2013 by Samuel Rossille


Alouka is a pure JavaScript / HTML5 Canvas mockup tool. While mockup tools are not uncommon, I think this one rises high above others and is worth a try. It has a very slick interface, it uses modern and highly performant technologies, and has a lot of features.

Why you should try it:

A lot of effort has been put in the user interface in terms of everyday productivity and discoverability during the first use. Actually the author works in my company and his job is do design features and screens with me and he started to develop this because he was never satified with the tools he had This application is perfect when you want to make a quick draft of a screen and share it with other people to discuss it.

It's a beta version, so of course there are still some issues, but it's already more than very usable.

Please check it out and encourage him by resharing! Learn more about Alouka > Mockups on the product's website.


Michael Agius: I have started using the Alouka Mockup Tool and I have been able to get mockup screens done very quickly, so I am very happy with it. There are some things I don't understand though: Where are the files saved, I had assumed they would be on my Google Drive but they're not? -> When I click the Share link, it tells me to save the files (which I had already done) but doesn't get past that. -> I opened another browser to check if I could find my files that way, but it didn't give me any option to open the file unless I had exported it to text and then imported it again. -> Am I doing something wrong? Your input would be welcomed, thanks. M> Michael