Seamless JavaScript dependencies with Maven and Eclipse

May 12th 2013 by Samuel Rossille

In complex web application projects, you can often have several modules both on the server side (Java) and on the client side (JavaScript) This article is to introduce an experiment I've made using the most recent technology available to seamlessly work with eclipse and maven on a complex project structure involving several Java and JavaScript projects.

I've setup a minimal sample to demonstrate how to write clean pom.xml files to achive the purpose, and seamlessly work on the source code and test within eclipse Here is the sample projects dependency tree

    + java-multiproject-sample-javascript2
    |   |
    |   + java-multiproject-sample-javascript1
    + java-multiproject-sample-java2
    |   |
    |   + java-multiproject-sample-java1
    + java-multiproject-sample-java1

What is done

The current state of the sample demonstrates a setup that allows to:

What is left to do

This is a work in progress, and I'm currently looking to add the following things to the sample: