Download from flickr

September 27th 2012 by Samuel Rossille

Disclaimer: I know, there are applications with UIs to do that, but when a web application doesn't do what I want, I juste can't help pulling out my JavaScript console and get what I want. ;=). And this was fun. The flickr interface doesn't allow to download multiple photos at the same time. Let's work around this with a little hacking. Go to the flickr album with a web browser, and open the javascript console. First, let's add jQuery with the following lines:

var script = document.createElement("SCRIPT");
script.src = ""

Then, let's use it to grab the urls of the thumbnails:

$(".pc_img").each(function() {console.log(this.src);});

Copy / paste the output in a text editor. repeat these steps on each page of the album. Now replace http:// with wget http://, and _s.jpg with _b.jpg. At the end of the process, you have a nice script that allows you to download all the photos of the page in one command. Yay!!!